Black Squirrel Sightings
Black Squirrel
It's a great thrill to see Black Squirrel stickers when we don't expect them. We have sent them all over the world and have seen them in Columbus and Chicago.   If you have a Black Squirrel sighting please send it along with a description, your name, location and names of everyone in the picture so we can include it on this page.  E-Mail it to


From Joan & Bryon Anderson:  These are the pictures from Italy.  The first three are of the festival to take place in Trento, with the black squirrel as symbol.  I added our version to one of the posters.  So black squirrel has met some of his European relatives!  The next two are of black squirrel taking a gondola ride in Venice.  Enjoy!

From Sarah Malcolm:   I love the Black Squirrel campaign.  I have attached a picture of me in the Banyan Tree at the Edison Ford Winter Estates in Fort Myers, Florida.  The Banyan tree has a local connection:  Harvey Firestone brought the tree back from Calcutta, India as a gift to Thomas Edison in 1925.  It is now the third largest Banyan tree in the world.

Stolen from Alex Bevan's Web Site:

I took my T-shirt to Australia, New Zealand and Dubai this summer. I'll take a pic of myself in Germany with it, too, but it's a bit cold right now for that. I will continue to take this shirt on more of my travels. People who see it are intrigued.
Alles Gute from a Kentite living in Europe,
Emily Burnell Petrou


Kelly, Sandy, Patty, Jen


I travelled to Iceland this August & managed to get this photo of me & the black squirrel as the geysir called Strokkur erupted. Thanks are due to my daughter, Ellen Daniels, for the patience to get this shot.  Strokkur does it's thing every 5-7 minutes so we had to wait patiently & shoot quickly.  Also, it was so windy that day that many of the eruptions were more horizontal than vertical.
Dianne Centa


Some KSU International Students from the summer of 2008 visit the store

From Jon Hill of Kent:

Art teacher Lionel Clark and family with the help from Jon, are rebuilding their home that was flooded by Katrina .  They have spent 10 in a luxurious FEMA trailer in Diamondhead, Mississippi.  The squirrel sticker is on Lionel's truck.

Here is Jon's truck with a modified KENT and Black Squirrel sticker in the French Quarter in New Orleans as they took some time off.

Dan Smith at Home Savings Bank Plaza

Brian & Marilyn Sessions
At Eggfest in Atlanta, GA

Rob Spademan in Moscow
From Rob Spademan:  I took my t-shirt to Moscow last week and posed (not very flatteringly) for you in front of St. Basilís outside the Kremlin in Red Square.  Iím the marketing and sales director for Artexpo and DECOR Expo and a double KSU graduate.

A black squirrel sighting near the famous Whiteface Mountain, "site" of the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics, by artist Rebecca Richman Flint of studio d'une


Scott Wilson receiving his masters from Dartmouth College, June 2003

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